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JP Jones is an author, Software Developer, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Top10VPN.com.

His work focuses on the technical aspects of VPN testing, from analyzing the behavior of VPN applications to developing online tools to help consumers test their VPN connection.

In addition to delivering a performant and useful experience for users of the website, he has built a consistent framework to ensure VPN services are tested comprehensively and objectively.

In his research, he also examines broader issues of security, networking, and cybersecurity.

VPN Research & Authorship

Since 2017, I have helped to build the VPN testing methodology and technical infrastructure at Top10VPN.com, where I focus on in-depth digital privacy research and objective reviews of VPN services across all major platforms.
My work at Top10VPN.com includes:

I have also published detailed research and resources around the topics of online security, networking, and VPN security, for example:


Career highlights include being founding CTO at CoinDesk, one of the leading cryptocurrency news sites. I built CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index, which is referenced by publications all over the globe.

I was also technical co-founder of Student.com, one of the world’s leading online marketplaces for student accommodation, in which I rolled out and scaled up infrastructure in offices across Asia, Europe, and USA, inter-connected via VPNs which crossed the Great Firewall of China, and oversaw distributed software engineering teams.

This is all built on a diverse skill set developed over 25 years of software engineering and networking experience, summarised as:

In the Media

My research and contributions have been featured in a number of leading news and technology publications including:


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